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Turkey is one the most beautiful countries in which to live; in a region full of new and exciting opportunities. With a diverse, robust, and growing economy and its strategic geo-political importance, Turkey is a major regional power with strong historical links to both Europe and the US. Turkey is the bridge between East and West and a significant centre for world finance and trade. The team can provide you with the spotlight you need to find a way into this centre of the world.

Our team is highly experienced in the international education sector and can walk you through the best university/city options for you. We will also arrange secure accommodation, and provide guidance for the student visa application so that when you finally arrive in Turkey you can settle in without any unexpected surprises. Our native speakers, most of whom have graduated from Turkish universities and gone through the same stages themselves, can share their “insider” information and experiences.

Studyturkiye brings the best Turkish universities to you and guides you through all the steps you’ll need for a brighter future.