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Life in Turkey

Life in Turkey

Turkey is a heaven for any expat but especially for an international student when it comes to fresh and inexpensive food, cheap textile products, discounted public transportation and more. As a student you will find living in Turkey easy and you will not push the limits of your budget.

In Turkey‘s most crowded city, Istanbul, everything that you have ever heard about the traffic jams is correct. The city is famous for its traffic. However the transportation system is fairly easy to use. You can catch a bus or a mini-bus, called a “dolmuş” to any neighbourhood you wish to go. The mini-buses are useful because they accept cash payments, usually only a couple of lira per journey. The city’s buses require an IstanbulKart – a prepaid, re-loadable, travel card. These are easy to obtain from bus stations, and work out cheaper than buying a token for an individual journey.

You will also need such a card or token for the underground “Metro” system, which is improving all the time and work will soon be completed to allow it to go under the Bosphorus, connecting the European and Asian sides of the city. At peak times this can be very busy, but it is also the quickest and cheapest way to get to a destination on its route. Until this work is complete, the fastest way to cross over the Bosphorus is by “Metrobus”. This is a bus with its own priority lane, that is able to circumvent much of the worst traffic, and is well integrated with the underground Metro system.

However, the most comfortable way to get to the other side is by ferry. Again, you will need to make use of a travel card or purchase a token from one of the “JetonMatik” machines. These are slower, and less frequent, than the buses, but there is no better way to see the city. You can sit back and relax, with a sandwich and a glass of tea, whilst enjoying the peace, quiet and fresh air - if you have the time, of course!

Below you can find typical prices for some goods and services in Istanbul:

Meal, at an Inexpensive Restaurant

10 -15 TL

Meal, in a Fastfood Chain

9.00-15.00 TL

Regular Tea, Coffee

2.00 -6.00TL

Fresh White Bread

1.50 TL

One-way Bus Ticket

2.00 TL

1 Pair of Jeans

80 TL

1 Pair of Sports Shoes

120 TL

1 bedroom apartment in the city centre

800 TL

Basic(Electricity, Gas, Water, Garbage) for 85m2 Apartment



Cinema Ticket

8-15.00 TL